On a flawless northern California weekend, the Iron Cobras rumble north for a drug-fueled rally. There, Butch Crowley and his Cobra brothers learn where disgraced biker Billy Derhammer is living.  Butch wants Billy’s club tattoo, one way or another.


ATF Special Agent Marko Novak is assigned to the most gruesome crime in Mendocino County history—the entire Derhammer family murdered, their farmhouse torched.  A tricked-out Harley in the garage leads Marko to violent, unstable Butch Crowley.


Butch’s girlfriend, Angel Cruz, longing for a decent  life, steals Butch’s drug money and escapes to Vegas.  She lands a waitressing job at Teddy’s, a cop bar. Marko, who is an ex-Las Vegas cop, visits Sin City for the weekend to indulge his blackjack habit.  At Teddy’s Bar he runs into Angel.  Marko asks Angel to rat out Butch, but she refuses, fearing for her life.


Marko, a womanizer for whom commitment has always been a dirty word, meets smart, glamorous Marnie Keith.  Marnie gets under his skin, and he wants to live with her.


Butch Crowley hears that Angel is working at Teddy’s.  He hires a biker named Gordo to kill Angel, but Gordo hits Angel’s roommate by mistake.  Angel, terrified, skips town.


Butch kills Gordo to shut him up. Now he knows he can’t stay in Vegas.  Back in Vallejo, Butch finds his house trashed, his stash stolen.  In his rage, he blames Marko and stakes out the agent’s house, waiting.  Butch spots Marnie leaving, follows her and attacks her.


A snitch tells Marko that Butch has fled to Bullhead City, where Marko finds Butch’s trailer.  Butch escapes on his Harley, leads Marko into the hills above Bullhead, but his bike gives out.  On foot, Butch falls into an abandoned mine shaft.  He is wounded and taken into custody.


Seven months later: Butch’s capital-murder trial.  As the trial begins, Angel appears. Will Angel’s bombshell take Butch off the streets forever?  Does the prosecution have the evidence they need?  Has Marko done enough to justify a conviction and also his career?  Or will he end up back at the blackjack tables, drinking, womanizing, and losing the girl of his dreams?


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